GINA x Art School

Working with GINA on our continued shoe collaboration is such an inspiring process. We have always had a deep interest and respect for craft and traditional skills so seeing the factory and its incredible staff crafting the shoes was really exciting. The ability to have custom shoes by GINA in our shows not only elevates our work but also positions it in a luxury context


Photo by Nicole Ngai

For London Fashion Week, ART SCHOOL present VOLUME ONE. An evolution of the brand's mainline collections, Volume One investigates ART SCHOOL woman. Eden Loweth and Tom Barratt have always been drawn to women living on the edge of what's expected; women who walk their own path and create art accordingly. Now, as young designers entering the next chapter of their brand, they work closely with a woman who, to them, perfectly encapsulates the feminine otherness ART SCHOOL defines.

This collection is an ode to Pippa Brooks. A Playboy bunny, mother, alternative it-girl, the life and soul of the party, having lived in both London and LA, Pippa's style and exuberance influence every scene she inhabits. The embodiment of the ART SCHOOL woman, Pippa's life and looks inform each piece in Volume One. Continuing their unique process of creating garments in direct reference to the subject who will wear them, Volume One investigates three iconic beauty moments in Pippa's life, reflected through the ART SCHOOL lens. ART SCHOOL continue their collaboration with GINA, introducing new styles; kitten heels and fluro-pink marabou feathers. Volume One dresses up the queer body, one that is repeatedly dressed down by society.